Which are the Best Bass VST Plugins?

Best Bass Plugins for Music ProductionAre you ready for my 5 Top Recommendations? You can Watch the Video version here. Here we go!

808 Studio by Initial Sound

As you can hear from its name. 808 Studio is focused on the classic 808 sound. But this plugin is so much deeper. You can create anything from earth-shattering 808 kicks tuned to the key of your track, to deep powerful sub basses, to sub drops suitable for both EDM and Cinematic music. When I want low and powerful sub bass, I go to this plugin.

My 3 Favorite Features are:

  • The Sub section: For that extra bit of low end, including Fat mode and drive.
  • The Pitch slide: Where you can adjust the speed, range and shape of the slide.
  • The Modular Effect Chain: with an Amp, Compressor, EQ and Chorus.

Phoscyon by D16

This plugin is modeled after the classic Roland 303 bassline synthesizer, which many people consider to be the grandfather of electronic music. If you want that edgy drive in the bass, and if you want to add lots of energy and character to your music. The 303 will never let you down. Yes, it is limited in its sound. But what it does, it does in a great way. And this plugin will give you access to the sound of this classic vintage synthesizer, without having to break the bank.

My 3 Favorite Features are:

  • The Arpeggiator + Randomizer: These add-ons make a great synth, even more fun to use, and opens up more possibilities.
  • The Distortion Mode: This is in fact also an add-on, but its great to have access to a distortion unit right inside the plugin.
  • The Host Mode: You can use the plugin in MIDI host mode, which means you can actually sequence the patterns from MIDI inside your DAW if you wish.

Monark by Native Instruments

The name means King, and this is probably due to the fact that it is modelled after a synth that many consider the king of analog synthesizers. Minimoog Model D. Even though this is technically not a dedicated bass synth, it has always been one of the go-to synths for that creamy, fat low-end.

My 3 Favorite Features are:

  • The Ease of use: Due to the classic and simple analog synth layout.
  • The Performance control: over legato, glide, pitch-bend and mod-wheel.
  • The Analog character control: over drift, de-tuning and leakage.

MODO Bass by IK Multimedia

If you like electric bass guitars, you will love this software instrument. It is my go-to plugin for electric bass. Because not only do you get lots of electric bass guitars to choose from, you can go extremely deep in the customisation of tone, character and performance. This is made possible because it is physical modelling technology. Which gives you extremely deep control over the sound.

My 3 Favorite Features are:

  • The Performance Mapping: You can map almost every aspect, like palm mute degree, slides, slaps, vibrato, bends and so on.
  • Playing Style Options: You can switch between finger, pick and slap. And even control slide noise, detach noise etc.
  • The Electronics Section: Where you can switch pickups, control their position and tone control.

Trilian by Spectrasonics

This is the complete bass plugin, because it has it all. Electric Basses, Sampled Basses from all the classic synths, as well as a built in deep synth engine. Not only does it have the classic analog and digital synthesizers, but it also comes with many rare synths that can produce really interesting bass sounds with lots of character. If you also own Omnisphere, you can load Trilian patches inside Omnisphere and all the extra deep features this gives you..

My 3 Favorite Features are:

  • The Easy Mode: Which makes it so quick to use and shape the bass sound.
  • The Preset Browser: Very well organized, and of course comes with a great number of presets.
  • The Effect Rack: Lots of effects to choose from in all kinds of categories.